Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Move Over, Monopoly

Move over, Monopoly...

There's a new game in town.

It catches the interest of young and old.

With pretty much the same components.

And confusion. (Note the fudgesicle  smear on the left cheek).

The same reading of cards.

And waiting your turn.

Oh, and look!

Clean fingernails.

This has nothing to do with Horseopoly.
He just proposed trading-back with Tristan. Trade-backs are illegal in our house, thus the unsure stance.
What does he want to trade back?...

This. Which used to be his, but he traded it with Tristan for something, or maybe it started out as Tristan's and Tristan traded it to Sawyer and then Sawyer wanted it back--this is why it's illegal in our house. It's exhausting to keep track of.
Anyway, it's his now.
You'd think wearing fudgesicle all over your face would dampen your spirits a bit, but not when you're holding the object of your heart's desire: a gadget! Nevermind that you'll never pry it open, you've got a gadget!!!


4HMom said...

What's up with Monopoly? All MY kids are going crazy about it, too. Well, I haven't checked with the ones up north, but the couples here, including Ben and Masha, and Bunt are playing it nearly every weekend they see each other.

And monopoly games are showing up in all kinds of different forms. I think the horse version seems coolest, so far.

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cynthia said...

Somehow during my 4 1/2 year stint in college, I acquired UCLAopoly. I think it's still shrink wrapped.

Nobody wants to play wif me. *sniff sniff*

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Missy said...

Your word def. made me laugh harder then I have in WEEKS.