Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guess Where We Are?

Somewhere they don’t want to be.
Kiki could be looking at Greyson because he's doing something weird.
Greyson could be doing something weird.
Tristan could be bowing his head in disbelief.
Greyson could be stretching.
Kiki could be looking at him because she wants to avoid the camera.
Tristan could be scratching his head because it itches.
A myriad, a MYRIAD of possibilities.

But, where are we?

I’ll give you a hint. Can you see fear in the eyes?

How about now?

This expression spells it out:
They'd already been in for their exam and cleanings, this was the down and dirty trip. The you're-going-to-feel-a-little-pressure, trip. And if a dentist tells you you're going to feel a little pressure? Buckle up.
credit to Brian Regan

There was a lot of waiting involved.

A lot of time to anticipate your turn while you listened to the drilling and suctioning in the adjacent room.
Hey, look!  A mustache?  Is that coming through on your monitor?

Hey, look!
James Dean.

But I guess James Dean would never have done this.

Are we bored to tears yet?

How about now?
Nope, James Dean would definitely never have let anyone see up his nose.

I take that back.

Don’t worry, Tristan, not too much longer until the dentist can
yank out your tooth by it's roots,  I promise.

Audience, I jest not…
 That sucker was dug in tighter than a cuttlefish in a mud bucket.

You can make anything sound like a colloquialism if you just throw in a southern accent.


4HMom said...

Wow, he really DOES look like James Dean. Is this the first time you've thought of it? So funny the up the nose photos, and the brian regan joke. Did any of them have anything big done, tooth pulled really? or cavity filled?

That portrait of Tristy should be framed and on your wall, or Mom should do it in oils.

4HMom said...

Oh, and yes I see a 'stache on Greyson. Wow. It seems it was just yesterday he was in my arms as a tiny newborn.

phematin--no longer available in the United States, but you may be able to get it at pharmacies across the border.

Missy said...

That tooth came out of Tristan. The rest just had pre-cavities. I don't remember that term being used when I was little, do you? They got "preventive work" done, for a grand total of $777!

Missy said...

I've seen James Dean in him before, it depends on the haircut. But I've see James Dean photos at 9 years old and they actually look nothing alike.