Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ode to a Spider

We didn't have time to figure out what to do about running out of room on Blogger and not being able to upload anymore pictures. Todd thinks I should move to Wordpress (and that it's long overdue).  So until we do figure out the fate of What's Going On Here, I went into the "drafts" folder and found this post that's almost exactly a year old.  I didn't post it then because I thought it would be mean.  But I think it's okay to post it now.  I think. I hope. But I've made REALLY bad decisions before, like my Homecoming dress in 11th grade. So if it's not okay, please let me know.

Every once in awhile we find an overdone fruit hiding in the fruit bowl.
This is the first time we've found a guest....

Thomisus spectabilis

Haj is coming to visit. With Georgie!
They hate spiders. Because this is what they do--

Spiders, spiders, everywhere
Spiders hiding in a pear
When you think you're safe in bed
Rappelling spiders overhead
Spiders don't respect your space
Spiders skip across your face

I bet they can't wait to come now!
Don't worry Haj, we've got 8 spider hunters on full-time duty.


Heather said...

If you had posted that back then we would have never come

Missy said...

I KNEW it! My instincts served me well for once. I've learned some since picking out my Homecoming Dance dress.